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Trying to work off rust.  I promise to draw kobold not so sad (and not so naked) sometime soon.

I feel like I owe everyone an explanation for my incredibly long period of no activity.  Long story short, I had finals, my computer burnt out, and when I finally got a replacement, my internet cut out for a couple of days. Then I just got really fucking lazy.

The finals I had really kicked my butt; I realized I have a LOT I need to practice and improve upon if I want to be happy with my own work.  Line control and sketching practice is first on that list; it turns out SAI’s line stabilizer was something I had grown too accustomed to.

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Anonymous pondered: P.S. that last drugun butt was nice; any chance we might see more of her- if you have the time and energy of course?

Absolutely…!  She was fun to draw and I would not mind drawing her more often.  I’m also thinking of coloring the one I just did not too long ago, it got a lot more popular than I thought it would have…!  That, and I need to practice coloring my drawings in general.

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drgn butt

drgn butt

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heichen7 pondered: I would like to know if you take commissions, if so, what are your prices :o

Commissions are something I keep telling myself I should do, but I just don’t have the time lately. I’ll be sure to make a post here when I finally do open up for them, though.


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New tablet has been working very well.  It’s a pretty nice improvement from the older model I was using.  Have yet to draw anything with it that I feel is worth posting, though.

My studio instructor took me aside and told me I needed to put in more hours per week, so I had to sacrifice the small windows of spare time I had for myself between work and classes.  Think I clock in 30+ hours per week now, with classes and a part-time job… I guess it’s good to be so busy, but I hardly have any time to myself anymore.

Doesn’t help any that I have been down on myself and my personal art lately, too.  Always struggled with direction and subject matter; I might blog about it another time, but I feel bad for how this tumblr has become a moody rant blog, rather than the art and sketch blog I originally wanted it to be.

That’s all for now.  And again, I apologize for the lack of any meaningful content.  I will try to focus on having something good to post by Friday.  Animal drawing homework is lighter this week and I think I can manage it if I stay focused.

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The soldering job I did to fix my old drawing tablet didn’t hold, so it looks like it’s broken again.  I’ll have time to look into fixing it again tomorrow evening, but I think it’s inevitable that I’ll have to shell out some money for a replacement.  That’s a whole chunk out of my wallet that I wasn’t expecting…  I may have to open up for commissions sooner than I would have liked to.  (Perhaps that’s a good thing…?  I do need the experience.)

I’ve been looking at the Intuos Pro (Medium).  It’s the model I work with at the studio and it seems pretty solid.  I’m just concerned about the pen nibs wearing out, as well as the inconsistencies with how the screen is now textured; I hear that frequent use can make the texture uneven by wearing out the surface.

ALSO wow I am totally sorry if I have missed some of the friendly notes some of you have sent my way!  For some reason, tumblr didn’t notify me of a whole bunch and I only just checked them now.  I’ll get back to you all in the near future, but I really need to sleep for now.  Thank you to all of you that did send your regards, it means a lot to me!

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Hey all you wonderful followers…!  I know I haven’t been the best with updating or keeping myself artistically motivated, but there’s been quite a bit going on with my life right now that makes it difficult for me to stay on the ball.  I said I would post about them so here’s the story!

I’ll put a break in, there’s a wall of text coming up.  If you’ve got the patience to read it, then thank you!

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